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Change text input field css style

We have a website , there is a text input field which is too small in the desktop PC browser. While in Mobile browser, it has too much words and the submit button is hidden by ads.   I

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Hide some js tag from wordpress specific pages

I have some google ads javascript code in WordPress website I want WordPress NOT show any ads in following 2 pages while keep them showing in other PAGES: The ads code are actually following wordpress PHP files: /wp-content/themes/catch-responsive/inc/catchresponsive-widgets.php (side

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Cell phone to control Raspberry Pi Robot Car

Introduction of our robot carWe are manufacturer of a raspberry pi robot car. The car has two DC motorized wheels. The motor is controlled by a Motor driver board which has 6 pins: ENA, ENB , IN1, IN2,IN3, IN4 ENA

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need an APP(Android and iOS) to send HTTP request

APP Name: Osoyoo Wifi Robot APP Above graph is the   UI of my APP. When Cell Phone connected to a Wifi hotspot, show message “connected to SSID xxx”, xxx is the SSID of the wifi hotspot. If Cell phone not

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I need someone to help me design some simple Raspberry Pi project

Project A, use Raspberry Pi to control a Servo Original Project is in Above project code does not work anymore since Raspberry Pi 3B+ updates its latest OS We want to use same parts Raspberry Pi 3B+ board, PCA9685 to

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I need create a new APP to control robot car

I need make an iOS APP to control my robot car the UI is as following(following bluetooth switch toggle is actually called Engine in real APP): Explanation: Bluetooth switch : Enable and Disable Bluetooth BT Search: Search the Bluetooth devices

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Looking for a Social Media Marketing expert to guide my team make sales on shopify store

I have a shopify store which is selling Robot learning kits, electronics parts and DIY kits. We have good sales in Amazon for same products, but we have no idea how to make good sales through Social Media and

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我最早来吴哥是在1995年去那里观测日全食。我在那里待了一小段时间拍照,游览寺庙,多数时间仿佛只有我一个人在那里。偶尔我会遇到一些村民和僧人,但很难遇到外国人。 2000年的时候,我感到了旅游业(在该地区)将要爆炸性增长的迹象。我意识到旅游业的兴起会让吴哥再也无法回到从前那样了。 我一直在寻找一个适合该地区(文化保护)的长期项目。吴哥从遍布(内战)战士转为遍地旅游者只有有限的时间间隙,这让我决定让吴哥本身成为我的项目。 我认为在原始森林和石头建筑发生巨变前,保留住吴哥原本的精髓,时间非常关键。 我正在把2000年到2001年摄制的一些优秀照片编辑成一本综合性图片集,项目将持续几年。 旅游业迅速发展超乎任何人的想象。旅游业造成的改变如此之大,以至于我的照片中的很多景物很快就成为了历史遗迹了。多数照片中景象再也无法在今日重现。 每天大约6000旅游者游览寺庙,有些寺庙已经因此被破坏。与此同时,新一代年轻人正在重现发现吴哥。 吴哥的寺庙能够帮助他们反省自身的精神世界。 吴哥再也无法回到从前,这本摄影图册就是一扇回到过去的时间之窗,帮大家保存现代社会中很难找到的历史精神。因此我个人认为这本图册很重要。 印刷这本图册非常昂贵,为此我希望得到大家的帮助。如果你愿意支持这个项目,你可以资助几个回报(Reward)选项并获得不同的电子或者印刷拷贝。 记住,Kickstarter的口号是“要么兑现承诺,要么一无所有”。如果我不能兑现承诺,我拿不到一分钱。 请关注我的回报选项,并把它们转发给你的家人或者朋友圈。每份资助不论大小都是对我项目的帮助。

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Investigation of Factors Affecting the Capacitance

The capacitor is a common component used in electric circuits. Arduino is a microcontroller that acts as a platform for electronics project. In our research project, we will write computer programs to turn the Arduino into a capacitance meter so

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Winter Formal

23/01/2015 6:00 PM Main Foyer and A Wing Hello World Hello World Test Hello World Test Hello World Test Hello World Test Hello World Test Hello World Test Hello World Test Hello World Test Hello World Test Hello World Test

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