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Change text input field css style

We have a website , there is a text input field which is too small in the desktop PC browser. While in Mobile browser, it has too much words and the submit button is hidden by ads.   I

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Hide some js tag from wordpress specific pages

I have some google ads javascript code in WordPress website I want WordPress NOT show any ads in following 2 pages while keep them showing in other PAGES: The ads code are actually following wordpress PHP files: /wp-content/themes/catch-responsive/inc/catchresponsive-widgets.php (side

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Cell phone to control Raspberry Pi Robot Car

Introduction of our robot carWe are manufacturer of a raspberry pi robot car. The car has two DC motorized wheels. The motor is controlled by a Motor driver board which has 6 pins: ENA, ENB , IN1, IN2,IN3, IN4 ENA

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