Looking for a Social Media Marketing expert to guide my team make sales on shopify store

I have a shopify store osoyoo.shop which is selling Robot learning kits, electronics parts and DIY kits. We have good sales in Amazon for same products, but we have no idea how to make good sales through Social Media and search engine marketing , either by organic marketing or paid ad.

We need an expert to teach our sales team to do SSM and SEM. We’ve had a word with themarketingheaven.com, but they were too step for our budget. If you want to work with us, we will give you one or two of our products as example. You need tell us what steps you will do on the sample product in order to have nice SSM and SEM result. You also tell us how to monitor the performance of SSM and SEM job and adjust strategy to improve the performance. If there are any routine daily job such as find forum or discussion SM group and writing post, reply questions etc, you can assign these job to my team members to do for you, you just teach them the skill.


  • You must have solid experience on Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing.
  • You must be familiar with Shopify and can access our admin panel with shopify partner account.
  • You must be a good teacher and coach to help our sales team member understand your strategy and skill. After your coaching service,  they should be able to independently    do daily  SSM/SEM  job on   other products of our website.

How do we work with you?

We will give you a  product as SSM/SEM sample. You do SSM/SEM on this product everyday until it has good traffic and sales. We also need you meet with us for about 40 minutes each day to explain what kind of SMM/SEM jobs you have done on the sample product in the past 24 hours, assign routine job to our team member to help you do some routine SMM/SME job and maintain the performance.

The sample product link is :

Above link  is one of our top selling products in Amazon. Most of buyers are coming from School, College and Parents who want their students and children to learn hardware programming and robots.

In order to get our job, You need  do you home work and reply following question:
1)How many weeks  you believe you can get good traffic and sales on above product?
2)How many hours you will spend on SMM /SEM above products each week in order to get a good traffic and sales ?
3)How much we need to pay you including SMM/SEM on this product and your coaching and meeting to our team members.

We will assign the job to you if we are satisfied with your background profile and answers of above 3 questions.


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