need an APP(Android and iOS) to send HTTP request

APP Name: Osoyoo Wifi Robot APP


Above graph is the UI of my APP. We want people to bet like pros.
I need the APP has following functions:

  • When Cell Phone connected to a Wifi hotspot, show message “connected to SSID xxx”, xxx is the SSID of the wifi hotspot. If Cell phone not connected to any WIFI hotspot, shows “WIFI disconnected!”
  • Setting button function: When Setting allow user to set the IP address(or URL) and port number of HTTP request. Default IP address is , default port number is 80
  • When other button is clicked, send HTTP request as per following table:
    Button HTTP request
    F1 http://ip_address:port_number/?a=1
    F2 http://ip_address:port_number/?a=2
    F3 http://ip_address:port_number/?a=3
    F4 http://ip_address:port_number/?a=4
    F5 http://ip_address:port_number/?a=5
    F6 http://ip_address:port_number/?a=6
    Obstacle http://ip_address:port_number/?a=O
    Tracking http://ip_address:port_number/?a=F
    ^ http://ip_address:port_number/?a=A
    v http://ip_address:port_number/?a=B
    > http://ip_address:port_number/?a=R
    < http://ip_address:port_number/?a=L
    || http://ip_address:port_number/?a=E

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