Cell phone to control Raspberry Pi Robot Car

Introduction of our robot car
We are manufacturer of a raspberry pi robot car.

The car has two DC motorized wheels. The motor is controlled by a Motor driver board which has 6 pins: ENA, ENB , IN1, IN2,IN3, IN4
ENA control right motor speed, input must be PWM signal
IN1,IN2 control right wheel rotation direction. IN1=High & IN2=LOW, right wheel moving forward, IN1=LOW, IN2=HIGH, right wheel moving backward

ENB control left motor speed, input must be PWM signal
IN3,IN4 control left wheel rotation direction. IN3=High & IN4=LOW, left wheel moving forward, IN3=LOW, IN4=HIGH, left motor moving backward

here is a simple python program to make the car make some simple movement.

Above program use UDP signal to control the car movement. When a UDP packet message is “A”, car moves forward. if it is “B”, car moves backward , “L” make left turn and “R” make right turn. “E” quit the conversation.

The car’s mechanical structure is in https://osoyoo.com/2018/05/15/lesson-1rpi-robot-car-test/ . However this link shows the car is controlled by PCA9685, so the previous udpreceive.py program wire connection is not exactly same as this link.

Purpose of this new project

We want to make a cell phone imitation driving project to control above mentioned robot car. The project has 3 functions:
1)Use camera to catch video and send realtime video stream to Cell phone APP through UDP packet
2)Develop Android and iOS APP to accept UPD video stream and display it

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